MCCF Partnerships

The Mississippi Community College Foundation is pleased to partner with several state agencies and with our corporate friends. It is through such partnerships that the MCCF is able to provide enrichment and enhancements to services offered through the colleges to the students and to the general public in our state. Listed below are some of those partnerships that have been particularly beneficial to the Foundation and to the fifteen public community colleges in our system.

Mississippi Community College Board (MCCB)

The mission of the Mississippi Community College Board is to advance the community college system through coordination, support, leadership, and advocacy.

MSU Stennis Institute

The John C. Stennis Institute of Government partners with the Mississippi Community College Leadership Academy (MCCLA) to provide leadership development for future community college leaders through a grant to MCCF and through active participation in the MCCLA program.

Mississippi Land Bank

Mississippi Land Bank is proud to be able to award scholarships to college and university students attending schools throughout the association’s 32-county territory.

Five scholarships of $500 each are distributed through the Mississippi Community College Foundation (MCCF), where a Mississippi Land Bank Scholarship was established in 2005.