The Moody Institute Trust Fund

APPLICATIONS: Applications will be accepted for funding of professional development activities for faculty members at Mississippi public community & junior colleges from February 1 – March 1 each year.

PROPOSALS: The proposal must identify the applicability of the enrichment experiences to the applicant’s teaching area. The amount of the awards may vary depending on the scope of the request, but the maximum award is $1,000.00 per applicant.


Applicants must be community/junior college instructors teaching in a content area for one of the 15 public community & junior colleges in Mississippi. Applicants may have administrative duties, but must be teaching 12 semester hours per semester.

Applicants must complete and submit the MITF Application.

Applicants must write a letter to the Moody Institute Trust Fund Board (MITFB) explaining how the Activity will enhance his/her professional knowledge/ability to be a better teacher.

Applicants are encouraged to provide letters of reference from faculty members at their institution from within and without their content area.

Upon selection, a faculty member shall be responsible to do the following:

Following the enrichment experience, each recipient will submit an evaluation to the (MITFB) that will be shared with the membership of the other community and junior college organizations.

Upon completion of the enrichment experiences and evaluations, the recipients will be named Moody Institute Fellows and recognized by the MACJC.

SELECTION CRITERIA: The originality of the Activity and how it will help the faculty member to grow in his/her content area will be considered.

  • The letter written by the faculty member stating why he/she wishes to participate in the Activity and what he/she expects to gain from the experience
  • The financial need of the faculty member for receiving assistance in participating in the Activity
  • A letter from the college President detailing how the Activity will benefit the college and expressing his/her approval of the Activity proposed in the application
  • The development of a plan showing how the Moody funds will be used and indicating how reporting of expenses will be accomplished

NOTE: After the Activity has been completed, the recipient will present a detailed report of expenditures to the MITFB (reports will be provided to the Associate Executive Director of Academics and Student Services).

SELECTION PROCESS: The Moody Institute Trust Fund Board (MITFB) shall evaluate proposals submitted for funding in accordance with guidelines established for proposals. The Board will name successful proposals and will recognize the winners at the April MCCF Board meeting each year.