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Mississippi Alternate Path to Quality Teachers

This program is designed as an alternative teacher training track for those who desire to become a classroom instructor in Mississippi. Learn more


Mississippi Alternate Path to Quality School Leadership

This program is designed for educators who aspire to be prepared for a leadership role in a school system in the state of Mississippi. Learn more


The Mississippi Community College Leadership Academy

This program was developed to address the projected need for upper-level leaders in the Mississippi community college system. Learn more

The Mississippi Community College Foundation (MCCF)

Incorporated on October 21, 1986 to promote, encourage and assist all forms of education, research and economic development conducted by the fifteen community and junior colleges in the state of Mississippi by receiving, soliciting, accepting and administering funds for educational purposes. Although the dynamics of education have changed significantly over the last two decades of its existence, the purpose continues to be vital to the welfare of the citizens of Mississippi.

The MCCF qualifies as a 501 (c) (3) organization so that any person or group who makes contributions to the Foundation will receive a tax credit for the contribution.

The MCCF is committed to the furtherance of the individual and collective missions of the Mississippi community and junior colleges and the Mississippi Community College Board. It strives to enhance the educational opportunities for Mississippians, thus enhancing the individual services of its member institutions through collective and unified activities. To accomplish these goals, financial support is sought from public and private sources to improve the colleges and better serve their students.

Grants & Scholarships

Through the various programs administered over the past two decades, the MCCF has had a tremendous impact on many individuals throughout the state and has consequently had a very positive influence on the state as a whole. A list of those programs follows:

Rural Health Corps

Federally funded from 1992-2006, the Mississippi Rural Health Corps provided scholarships to more than 4,000 nursing and allied health students at Mississippi’s fifteen community and junior colleges. The funding enabled 227 faculty members to upgrade their degrees to M.S. or B.S., and provided support to the colleges for several hundred faculty salaries each year. Almost $20 million in federal funds was received from 1992 to 2006, and the colleges reported expenditures of over $6 million of “non-federal” matching funds.

Moody Institute Trust Fund

The Moody Institute Trust Fund was established in 1990 in honor of Dr. George V. Moody, the first Executive Director of the State Board for Community and Junior Colleges (SBCJC). The purpose of the Moody Institute is to provide funds for enrichment experiences for faculty members employed in Mississippi’s public community and junior colleges. Such experiences are to be related to the recipients’ teaching areas. Learn more…

Mississippi Land Bank

Beginning in 2006, Mississippi Land Bank has provided $500 scholarships through MCCF to each of the four colleges in their region, in addition to providing a fifth $500 scholarship to East Central Community College, beginning in 2013. The scholarships are awarded to students in good standing or incoming freshman enrolled in an area of Agriculture, Forestry, Business, or Business Administration. Recipients who continue to comply with the selection criteria are elligible for consideration any other year.

Mississippi Automotive Wholesalers Scholarship

Awards $500 scholarships to two Mississippi Community and Junior College students and may be retained by the recipients for two years (four consecutive semesters) provided they maintain full-time enrollment in an automotive field of study and maintained a 2.5 GPA. The scholarship is funded through monies deposited in the Mississippi Community College Foundation (MCCPF) in January 2002 and transferred to the MCCF in March 2004 upon dissolution of the MCCPF. The recipients are selected by the Mississippi Community College Board Carreer and Technical Education Department, and scholarship funds are issued to the colleges by MCCF.

MS Association of Supervisors Scholarship

The Mississippi Association of Supervisors (MAS) will award $500 scholarships to students of current or retired Mississippi county employees who meet certain eligibility requirements. The Mississippi Community College Foundation partners with MAS to facilitate awarding students who attend one of the fifteen public community and junior colleges in Mississippi.

MCCB Workforce Grant

The Mississippi Community College Board (MCCB) provides workforce funds for MAPQSL program. These funds flow through East Central Community College to the MCCF and reimburse direct training expenses incurred in the training of MAPQSL participants. These funds have allowed the MAPQSL program to reach individuals who wish to become productive citizens in the area of education.

Life is full of change and being prepared with the skills needed to handle those changes is one of the most important aspects when attaining success. MAPQT gave me the necessary skills to be a success in my classroom. During the summer program, I was given the opportunity to receive the instructions on skills and the opportunity to hone the skills required to be a successful educator today. It was not until I stepped foot into my very first classroom that I realized how very important those skills that were taught would be. Classroom management continues to be a test for any teacher in today’s classroom environment. MAPQT gave me the necessary tools that I use on a daily basis to have a successfully run classroom that creates an atmosphere of success and one of learning for my students.

Carol Adkins

9th Grade English, Moss Point High School

MAPQT is an excellent alternate route program. From day one, the instructors start preparing you to enter the classroom. One of the best things about MAPQT is the classroom management skills you develop. If it wasn’t for the program, I don’t think I would have made it past my first semester as a teacher!

Jordan Gaston

Inclusion Teacher, Blackburn Middle School - JPS

MAPQT gave me the opportunity to land my dream job without having to go back to college. I LOVE being a teacher and can not imagine life without all my students!

Maurijo Childress

Special Education Director, Christ Covenant School

MAPQT has caused me to deeply respect and admire educators in a way that inspires me to be a resilient teacher.

Joyce Park

EES Teacher, Blackburn Middle School (JPS)

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