The Mississippi Community College Leadership Academy

What is MCCLA?

The Mississippi Community College Leadership Academy was developed in the spring of 2009 to address the projected need for upper-level leaders in the Mississippi community college system. Graduation for the 41 members of the 2015-2016 Mississippi Community College Leadership Academy was held on Thursday, May 5, 2016 at the Hunter Henry Center on the Mississippi State University campus.


The MCCLA is organized around the practical needs for future community college leaders, specific to the Mississippi community college system. Consequently, much of the material presented and discussed in the Leadership Academy are relative to the operation of Mississippi’s community colleges.

Reading List for MCCLA 2016-2017

  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey
  • Good to Great by Jim Collins
  • The People Code by Taylor Hartman
  • Leadership Tested: A College President’s Story by Howell C. Garner
  • Leadership Gold by John Maxwell
  • Leadership Provided: A Team Approach to Decision Making by Howell C. Garner
  • Leadership: Lessons Learned by Howell C. Garner

2015-2016 Graduates

The class of 2015-2016 of 41 graduated Thursday, May 5, 2016.

1. Dr. Shirley Edwards, CCC
2. Steven Jossell, CCC
3. JoHarrison Rockett, CCC
4. Brent Duguid, CCC
5. Julia Parker, CLCC
6. Jeri Cawthorn, DSU
7. Jo Ann Malone, DSU
8. David Case, ECCC
9. Kimberly Mott, ECCC
10. Dr. William Sansing, EMCC
11. Kathryn Cole, HCC
12. Jennifer Rodgers, HCC
13. Stephanie Diffey, Holmes CC
14. Amanda Kelly, Holmes CC
15. Bronwyn Martin, Holmes CC
16. Slade Redwine, Holmes CC
17. Anna Britt Begnaud, ICC
18. Emily Lamb, ICC
19. Daryll McDonald, JCIC
20. Gary Suddith, JCIC
21. Lisa Rhodes, MCC

22. Ed Roberson, MCCB
23. Kenneth Wheatley, MCCB
24. Staci Miller, MDCC
25. Melaney Steele, MDCC
26. Dr. Vanessa Dedeaux, MGCCC
27. Christen Duhe’, MGCCC
28. Jason Camp, MSU
29. Nick Gordon, MSU
30. Tabor Mullen, MSU
31. Katie Oswalt, MSU
32. Dr. Sirena Cantrell, MUW
33. Wesley Garrett, MUW
34. Pam Meeks, NEMCC
35. Janis Patterson, NEMCC
36. Joshua Filtz, NWCC
37. Matt Sellers, NWCC
38. Dr. Kyle Hill, PRCC
39. Gregory Underwood, PRCC
40. Jeremy Smith, SMCC
41. Carlos Young, USM

Class 2016-2017 Participants

1. Eric Keys, CCC
2. Vivian Williams, CCC
3. William (Bryon) Conville, CLCC
4. Vanessa Murphy, CLCC
5. David LeBlanc, ECCC
6. Dr. Lucretia Williams, ECCC
7. Laura Damm, EMCC
8. Tonya Hunt, EMCC
9. Dr. Benjamin (Ben) Cloyd, HCC
10. Stacey Irwin, HCC
11. Steve Diffey, Holmes CC
12. Jason Guntharp, ICC
13. Dr. Joseph (Joe) Lowder, ICC
14. Jennifer Griffith, JCJC
15. Kyle Upchurch, JCJC
16. Dr. Angela Payne, MCC
17. Krystal Berry, MCCB
18. Betina Brandon, MCCB

19. Jim Aycock, MDCC
20. Tenesha Batiste, MGCCC
21. Robin Jeffries, MGCCC
22. Dr. Clay Armstrong, MSU
23. Julie Kladke, MSU
24. Zachary (Zach) Moulds, MSU
25. Micah White, MSU
26. Dr. Terry Dale Cruse, MSU
27. LeAnn Alexander, MUW
28. Dr. David Brooking, MUW
29. Dr. Amber Handy, MUW
30. Dr. Michelle Baragona, NEMCC
31. Chassie Kelly, NEMCC
32. Gerald Beard, NMCC
33. Tonyalle Rush, NMCC
34. Raymunda Barnes, PRCC
35. Dr. Ed Pinero, PRCC
36. Dr. Kimberly Tynes, SMCC
37. Jonathan (Blake) Bostick, UM

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